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A journey 25 years in the making, UTD is built on a foundation of humble, honest faith and raw work ethic. We may have learned some things the hard way, but those real-life lessons have brought just-as-real success. And success is a contagious blessing that we gratefully pass along to those working with us.

UTD promises quality, service, and value — quality products, personalized service, and added value, especially in the little things. A meticulous commitment to our customers’ care defines us and makes these partners top priority.

Large or small, we’re completely dedicated to independent companies and our customer base is as diverse as the Southeastern landscapes that we love.


Lean Lumber Machine

Our size makes us nimble enough to get the goods and strong enough to deliver as promised.  Yet, we’re also flexible enough to accommodate as needed. From the small details to the big picture, it’s our mission to make it happen.

Delivering treated and untreated southern yellow pine in all shapes and sizes — full packs, half packs, rows, pieces, cut to length — is what we do, all day, every day. Need odds and ends? Specialty items? In a hurry? We do that too.


The Real Deal

We don’t do fancy, but here’s what we do: provide reliable, consistent, customized, quality lumber and service for you, our valued customer. We’re small town folks who work hard, but smart. Our down-home values run as deep as our roots, and our commitment to our customers is as thick as our southern accents. It would be our pleasure to service your lumber needs and become your home-team friend in the business.