Is your lumber treated right?  How can you be sure? 


You could take borings from each load, apply indicator solution to determine the depth of preservative penetration, and put ground, dried samples through your X-ray analyzer to check for proper retention level.

Or, if you prefer sanity, you can look on the lumber tag for the name of an independent, accredited inspection agency that monitors the production of your source.

Responsible treating companies contract with third-party agencies. Such agencies check the procedures and paperwork of treating companies, confirming that standards are being met. They do not put their name on substandard production.

Get your preserved wood from a treating company with third-party inspection — preferably from United Treating & Distribution. We are monitored by Southern Pine Inspection Bureau, and our preservative solution and treated wood samples are checked by Arxada, the people who license the production of Wolmanized® Outdoor® wood. This wood complies with requirements of the International Building Code and International Residential Code.