Limited Warranty

UTD’s goal is to consistently provide the best lumber available.  This includes hiring full time employees to constantly test and re-test the efficacy and penetration levels of our treated lumber products.  Our company owner has the mind of an engineer and “that’s good enough” is never an option.

To provide you the best, UTD treated products…

  • Are warrantied and backed by Arch Wood Protection, licensors of Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood.  They are the keepers of our treated product's warranty.
  • Meet the standards of the ICC Evaluation Services - ESR-1721
  • Are audited by Timber Products Inspection
  • Are covered by a limited warranty.  Here's what that means.
    • What does is it cover?  Arch Treatment Technologies, Inc. warrants Wolmanized® Residential Wood against damage caused by termites or fungal decay that would make the wood structurally unfit for the intended application for as long as you own it, subject to the conditions in this warranty (link to full warranty in the brochure below).  The family of Wolmanized® wood products comes from Arch Wood Protection- a Lonza company.
    • Who is covered?  This residential warranty is given to the original purchaser of Wolmanized® Wood or the first owner of a structure built with Wolmanized® Wood if the structure is built by a contractor or builder. It is not transferrable to any subsequent owner.
    • How long does the warranty last?  The warranty period begins on the date you purchase (or your contractor purchases) the Wolmanized® Wood. This warranty lasts for as long as you own the property on which the wood is used. Coverage terminates when you sell or transfer the property on which the structure is built.

In the event that one of your customers has questions concerning the quality and safety of any treated lumber that we have provided to you, we will make sure all questions are answered and any issues are resolved.

Click below for a full copy of the warranty.