In the treated lumber business, we cannot let our competitors or Mother Nature adapt faster than we can.  In order to win at least half of that race, Wolmanized® has something new that takes copper azole to the next level.  Here are a few facts about BARamine® to help your team stay in front.

The makers of Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood have been leaders in technology for the lumber industry for more than 50 years.

  • inventors of the original copper azole technology
  • first to introduce the next level of lumber protection — copper azole with BARamine®

What is BARamine® and what does it do for me and my customers?

  • BARamine® is an additive that allows for durable protection against wood decay and termites
  • Now offers improved protection for treated lumber
    • resistance against common fungi and certain aggressive copper-tolerant fungi
    • enhanced moldicide properties for a variety of conditions
    • does not change the natural color of copper azole treated wood
    • improved preservative penetration
  • More marketing and customer awareness
    • Magazine ads, trade shows, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, the works…
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 …but all Wolmanized dealers do NOT automatically carry this new additive. 

  • UTD was the 2nd southern yellow pine treater in the United States to treat with BARamine®
  • No…our prices did not change

Below is the link to download our brochure with more info from the Wolmanized® wood team.  If you would like more info or copies for your customers, we can help.


Wolmanized® Outdoor Wood with BARamine®