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- Facility Cleaner

Flatbed Truck Driver

- Local Flatbed Truck Driver

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UTD Company Overview

As a Christian owned company, we strive to do what we say we will do and expand the business to the degree that the Lord brings us opportunities and enthusiastic people.

We are in the lumber business to be in the people business.  If hard work, honesty and caring about others is on your short list for a career choice, read our story and give us a call. 


Our Team

We believe that God owns everything, including this company, and that we are here to serve and honor Him by the way we conduct our business while serving His people.


Brand Commitment – What You Can Count On From Us

Committed to striving to do what we say we will do while delivering good news fast and bad news faster.


The Mission/Vision – What We Want To Do

Committed to glorifying God while serving and treating our team members, customers, suppliers, families and communities the way we want to be treated.


Our Values – What Guides Us

We believe in our values so much that we simplified a 70 page employee handbook and turned it into a 20 page playbook.  If we all start with the same fundamentals, it can allow us the freedom to use our unique talents and make a stronger team.  A full list of values can be found here, but a few highlights include seeking new opportunities, setting goals, measuring everything important and reminding each other to be thankful.

UTD is committed to comply with the laws regarding Equal Employment Opportunity. Therefore, employment, continued employment, benefits, training and advancement are not adversely affected by the team member’s opinion of our religious beliefs.  We hope to inspire, develop and offer resources that will move our team members toward their progressive plan for their lives.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities.